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Be Treated Like Family at Live Better Chiropractic

Sterling Chiropractor Dr. Joe Schneiderbauer and the LBC Team is here to provide Hope, Answers and Help by finding the true root cause of why your child and family is struggling. LBC sees members from all around the Sauk Valley area, including Rock Falls, Dixon, Morrison and Milledgeville.

​​​​​​​The team at Live Better Chiropractic wants your family to be able to live your life to the fullest. Many people come to us because they’re struggling. We’ll help you overcome your health challenge so that you can take on the world!

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Meet the team

Dr. Joe Schneiderbauer

Pediatric and Family Chiropractic Doctor

I [Dr. Joe] was born and raised as a member of the Sauk Valley. The best way to sum up my 30+ years here in the community is that each year truly has been a blessing. I’ve been fortunate to share joyous memories with many community members.

Kerrie Winge

Member Experience Specialist

Kerrie joined the Live Better Chiropractic Family in the Summer of '19. In her role at Live Better Chiropractic, she helps members throughout their whole journey. She’s the voice you’ll hear when you call Live Better Chiropractic, the one who does marketing on social media, and the smiling face you see when you walk into the office.

Shanna Schneiderbauer

If you’ve ever wondered why Live Better Chiropractic doesn’t feel like your traditional doctor’s office but instead a comfortable, warm, welcoming home away from home. Look no further because Shanna works hard to be sure you have the perfect environment to focus on you and your family’s health!

Our Specialties

With extensive training, Dr. Joe's particular emphasis is on pediatric and prenatal care, knowing that having a lifetime of good health starts early on.


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