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Meet Your LBC Team

Dr. Joe Schneiderbauer

Say hello to Dr. Joe, the one who brought neurology focused pediatric chiropractic to the forefront for Sauk Valley families. Driven by his love for his own kids and family, he strives to create a generational change in our Sauk Valley community by focusing on young lives. He is guided by servant leadership, a Godly purpose and spirited enthusiasm, which ultimately leads to the dynamic representation of Live Better Chiropractic's mission.

Dr. Joe's world is anchored in family—the very essence of Dr. Joe's existence! Shanna, his incredible wife, and their trio of kids, Emery, Kamden, and Joelle, infuse every moment with love, laughter, and a shared dedication to embracing transformation while facing challenges hand in hand.

Dr. Joe's passion for a life centered around the spirit, mind and body leads to his personal mission: empowering individuals to flourish, confronting adversity head-on, and nurturing the best versions of themselves. 

When not helping LBC members live life to the fullest, you can find Dr. Joe helping others strengthen their faith with God at New Life Church (Sterling, IL) men's groups, building connections with other Sauk Valley business owners, getting in a good workout and enjoying the great outdoors with his family. Also, he is crazy obsessed with new technology to help better his own nervous system function in addition to the neurology focused chiropractic care provided at Live Better Chiropractic. Don't worry! He loves sharing his personal research because understanding what happens day to day, hour to hour in between each of the nervous system scans at Live Better Chiropractic can help all parents make more informed decisions about life outside of the LBC walls.

Dr. Bailey Wetzell

Introducing Dr. Bailey, the newest member of the LBC doctor team! Graduating in the spring of 2023 from Palmer Chiro College, she knew she wanted to use her newfound knowledge, experience and passion to truly make an impact and change the lives around her. She loves knowing that she can help bring healing to kids and their families simply from using her healing hands. Witnessing the incredible life transformations is what truly feeds her soul.

But it doesn't stop there! Not only does she have a passion for helping people, she also lends her heart to animals. From majestic horses to gentle cows, loyal dogs, and affectionate cats, Dr. Bailey gets thrilled when she witnesses those life changes for animals, too.

When she's not at the office, you can find Dr. Bailey hanging out with her loving family, enjoying snuggles from her adorable cats at home, cozying up with a good book, or embarking on journeys to help animals through chiropractic care.

Abrianna Hale

Meet Abrianna, or Abri for short, who joined the Live Better Chiropractic Team in the summer of 2022. She plays a vital role in ensuring you achieve the results you desire by assisting you in scheduling your Care Plan appointments. Think of her as the air traffic control of our entire office—keeping everything running smoothly and ensuring you receive the care you need when you need it.

When asked why she is so passionate about helping our Live Better Chiropractic members, Abri said, "I'm a genuine people's person, and nothing brings me more joy than spending quality time with my family and engaging in sports, especially softball." Abri is all about lending a helping hand, and that's what truly lights up her world.

Throughout the years, Abri has been fortunate enough to explore different types of jobs, which helped her discover her true passion: working with children and families. She's spent a couple of years as a qualified toddler's teacher at a daycare, worked as a social service rehab psychology assistant, coached tennis during the summers, and even had a stint as a banker. However, nothing compares to the incredible experience of working side by side with AMAZING individuals, supporting individuals and families in their journey to live better.

She finds it immensely gratifying to help people understand why and how their bodies function in relation to the challenges life throws at us. This way, we can work together to ensure they are on the right path to living their best lives to the fullest extent possible. Being able to make a positive impact in the lives of our members and empower them to live better is the ultimate reward. She's ready to team up and embark on this transformative journey together!

Shanna Schneiderbauer

Shanna, Dr. Joe's wife, has officially been a part of the practice since Fall 2023.  She handles social media and online marketing. She does most of her work from home while watching her 3 kids with 1 more on the way!

When asked about her favorite part of being a part of Live Better Chiropractic, Shanna said, "I love the team! Even though I don't get to personally witness all the transformations I enjoy hearing about and writing all the testimonials."

When she isn't working on content, you can find her outside, working on a home project, chasing kids, or traveling with family