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🌟 Carson's Inspiring Journey: Overcoming Speech Challenges and Embracing Growth 🌟

Carson struggled with speech. He was very receptive, but had problems verbally expressing himself. He was seeing PT/OT/ST since 2 years old. He also had problems with constipation and was fearful to use the potty for that reason.

Mom looked up pediatric chiropractors in the area and the amazing reviews lead her to call for an appointment.

Speech was the biggest struggle for Carson, mom and dad as a family. He understood what they were saying to him, but mom and dad could never understand what he was saying to them. To say it caused a lot of frustration on both ends is an understatement. Mom hoped they would see improvement and changes for their little guy. It was very hard watching him struggle every day.

With the help of the LBC team, Carson became easier to understand, he was actually talking more and engaging in conversation with family and friends.

The real "aha" moment was when his speech therapist told mom and dad he had met all of his speech goals that she had set for him! AND he was exactly where he needed to be for his age group! He also graduated from PT & OT completely which was a great milestone for him!

So many people began to tell mom every day how much of a difference they notice in Carson's speech and day to day life. His daycare teachers, his school teachers, their family, their friends, their LBC team!

He's moved mountains and Mom can't wait to see what else he can accomplish now! Mom contributes Carson's amazing improvement to his pediatric chiropractic care. It has made a world of difference adding this into his every day life. Mom tells friends, family, and strangers how amazing it's been to watch these changes happen right before her eyes!🌈🌟

If your child is experiencing speech troubles, constipation and you feel frustrated, get your hope back! See what pediatric chiropractic can do for your child by clicking below.

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