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Are your kids always going 100 MPH and can’t slow down?

Here's why chiropractic care is so important for kids—and how it can help them find more balance in their lives.

Do your kids have a busy brain?

It's more common than you think. I'll share with you some signs that your child may have a busy brain, and we’ll talk about long term options.

How to Tell if Your Child’s Brain is in

Do you know what "GO SAVAGE" mode is? It's a term used to describe when a child's brain is in overdrive and they're experiencing a perfect storm of sensory, emotional, and cognitive overload. In this article I'll explain what GO SAVAGE mode is, how to tell if your child is in it, and four tips for helping them out!

The Possible Link Between Immune Challenges and Allergies

Are you a parent of a young child? If so, are your kids' allergies seemingly getting worse every year? We see this all the time with our patients, young and old!

The impact of overwhelm on the nervous system: What we know and what we can do for our kids

As parents, we often wonder what to do when our children display overwhelming and extreme behaviors. There are two ways of looking at this: from the internal environment inside their body or from the external environment.

4 Reason Kids Get Sick in the Fall and Winter

It's that time of year again—the leaves are changing color, the weather is cooling off, and kids are getting sick. sneezes, sniffles, and coughs seem to be everywhere. So what's going on? Here are four reasons why kids tend to get sick more often in the fall and winter—and what parents can do to help.

Can I Get An Adjustment Too?

Did you know that one of the most important factors in our children's health is our own health? That's right - our kids don't really do as we say, they do as we do. So if we want our children to be healthy, we need to model healthy behavior for them.

Does the “technique” my chiropractor use matter?

It’s chiropractic adjustment time! But does the technique your chiropractor use matter? Read this article and find out. Spoiler alert: it DOES matter, and we’ll show you why.

Building Up Rather than Shutting Down When Your Child Gets Sick

I’m here to tell you that getting sick is a part of life and there are steps you can take to help your kids (and yourself) build up their immunity so that they don’t get sick as often.

Allergies, Asthma, Chronic Colds and Cough, Oh My!

If you are the parent of a chronically ill child dealing with these things, you are not alone. Watching your kiddo struggle repeatedly is heartbreaking. You continue to try everything under the sun to help alleviate their symptoms. You’re googling home remedies, essential oils, elimination diets, antibiotics, or steroids, with no end in sight…

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