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Pediatric Chiropractic Sterling

When your child sees a chiropractor, it can change the trajectory of their entire life. Starting chiropractic early on can give them incredible advantages. If there are potential problems, they can be addressed before they have a chance to become bigger issues later in life. Chiropractic provides an excellent preventative approach so that your child won’t have to experience many common childhood ailments.

Allowing the Body to Function As It Should

One of our favorite pediatric stories involves a child who had ear infections. They weren’t sleeping, couldn’t have a bowel movement and were crying nonstop. Mom wasn’t sleeping at night. Dad had taken to sleeping in another room to try to get rest before work the next day. When they walked into our office, Donna, our care coordinator, asked to hold the baby and give Mom a break. The crying started to tone down, and the mom could finally take a break and let her anxiety go. Seeing Dr. Joe made an even bigger impact on the baby.

After a single adjustment, the baby started sleeping. On the way home, the little boy had a bowel movement. We continue to work with their family to make sure they enjoy the best of health.

My son, Trevor, went to see Dr. Joe after suffering from knee pain due to Osgood-Schlatter syndrome. He is super active in sports and did not want to be down and out or miss anything. Dr. Joe was great, talked to him and explained everything he was doing and why. He also followed up to see how he was feeling.
Kristi C.

Why Kids Should See a Chiropractor

Interference with the body’s nervous system isn’t limited to adults. Your child can have nerve interference from anything starting with their birth, going onto learning to crawl, walk, run and play sports. We can make sure their body is as healthy as possible. When they do have the inevitable slip or fall, they will recover quickly.

The many conditions we see include

  • ADHD
  • Asthma
  • Colic

  • Ear infections
  • Immune challenges
  • Torticollis

When we adjust a baby or child, it’s not like how we would adjust an adult. We can hold your baby in our arms to check them. The pressure required is no more than what you’d use when putting a contact lens into your eye. They can also lie on our comfortable pediatric pillows. There is no turning of the neck or high-force methods required.

We may also use the noninvasive Activator® adjusting instrument when appropriate.

It’s important to us that your entire family looks forward to their visits with us. We’ll play games with your child before, during and after their adjustment, making sure they’re engaged and enjoying their time at our office. There are plenty of toys around, and the adjusting room even has a play area where your kids can relax.

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