Dr. Joe Schneiderbauer

Dr. Joe Schneiderbauer

Dr. Joe Schneiderbauer

Dr. Joe Schneiderbauer

Dr. Joe Schneiderbauer

Dr. Joe Schneiderbauer

Dr. Joe Schneiderbauer

Pediatric Chiropractor

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing someone meet their potential. Not a single one of us should be defined by a diagnosis or condition but should be defined by our efforts of fulfilling our God given potential.

I believe it is my sole purpose to see potential in others and help them on their journey to reach it & maintain it. I'm truly blessed because I get to live out my purpose everyday with my family, my team and all of our Live Better members who want to be here!

There is something special about "Life." Anything God created and contains "Life" has the ability to grow and grow healthfully. I'm constantly reminded of this everyday with the growing of grass, plants, morning workouts, birds churping while building a nest for a future family, my family when they all wake up in the morning and our members sharing their family's success stories each and every day in our office.

So why chiropractic?

When you think of chiropractic care, you might think about headaches, back pain and conditions like sciatica or ear infections. What many people don’t realize is that chiropractic care is also effective at helping with issues like ADD, allergies, PMS, and a host of other problems. Chiropractic Care has helped me through many things in life (concussions, anxiety, depression, becoming a father, just to name a few). While chiropractic is not a cure or fix for anything, chiropractic is a safe, effective way to overcome many common health issues.

The greatest impact chiropractic can have, however, is helping you in achieve your full potential. That’s what Live Better is all about! The biggest blessing thus far is seeing the impact in the lives of those who receive care in our office! It is our mission, to actively serve 1,000 families in living to their full potential through chiropractic care at it's purest form!

Why is this the mission?

My wife & I believe it's our responisbility to lead and create the best possible world for our family to grow. We also believe to fulfill our life purpose and have the biggest impact we must do these specific things. Serve our youth, teach them important foundational life principles, helping them reach their God given potential and live a life full of purpose.

Dr. Joe Schneiderbauer

​​​​​​​Doctor of Chiropractic

Getting back in the game thanks to Chiropractic!

Dr. Joe attended Palmer College of Chiropractic to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic. During his time there, he experienced two severe concussions and the onset of migraines. Suffering from these conditions motivated him to seek out the neurological approach to chiropractic. To this day, he relies on regular chiropractic adjustments to keep him at the top of his game.

Always learning and growing

It’s Dr. Joe’s passion to continue learning and growing. When he became a father, he understood the importance of chiropractic care. He is passionate about pediatrics and pregnancy care with a desire to change the trajectory of children’s lives early on. Although he may not see it in his lifetime, he has dedicated his life’s work to improving childrens’ futures and creating the best life possible for generations to come!

He trains with the group Epic Pediatrics, constantly staying up to date on how to provide his members with the best care.

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Schneiderbauer Family

Dr. Joe and his wife, Shanna, have three kids, Emery, Kamden, and Joelle.
Shanna and Joe are very competitive students of life. Both were and are actively involved in sports. We believe athletics are a great tool for life for so many reasons. Sports teach us how to work on yourself, set goals, learn from failure, celebrate success, and build relationships around common interests and beliefs. Dr. Joe often uses sports references and applies them to real life situations because the game of life truly is the ultimate sport!

Emery is adventurous, loving, energetic and is the perfect blend of her mother and father’s personalities. She loves trying new activities, helping others, and playing soccer anywhere she can!

Kamden was born on the coldest day in Illinois history. He loves keeping up with his older sister [Emery], jumping off things just to see if he can land on his own 2 feet, and challenging mom and dad with his energy just to see if they can keep up! Kamden struggled turning his head to nurse from the very beginning but with just a month of pediatric chiropractic care he was able to nurse effectively. He is continuing to use chiropractic care to stay healthy doing all the things he loves to do.

Joelle, the newest member of the family, may just be the strongest kid of them all by the way she has shifted the family dynamic. Sticking with our sports analogy, we went from man coverage to zone coverage! On top of the dynamic shift she loves to coo, eat, sleep, poop, and smile.

In their time together, the entire family likes to be outside hiking or walking. Dr. Joe and Shanna are both from Sterling and enjoy seeing their family and friends. Dr. Joe and Shanna work out at 7:24 Fitness on the Rock, love meeting people, and enjoy developing & nurturing community connections! They both live, breathe, and bleed “Live Better Blue” because of what it stands for! The mental, physical & spiritual approach to bettering our community is not limited to chiropractic care. It is everything Live Better Chiropractic does and stands for that is the cornerstone for our community’s success. Not just the immediate success of our community but the legacy left for future generations to live a better life than we ever could, long after we’ve left this Earth. We look forward to the opportunity to share what we cherish most with you and your family!

Would you like to learn more about what we do? Dr. Joe is pleased to offer free consultations. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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