Clinical Process

Clinical Process

Clinical Process

Clinical Process

Clinical Process

Clinical Process


STEP ONE is scheduling a Consultation with our trained Pediatric Experience Doctor - Dr. Joe. As a neurologically-focused pediatric chiropractic office, we dive deep into a child's case history unlike any other professional out there by listening and looking for the true root causes of your child's health challenges.

Because it's the first time they've truly felt heard and found answers to why their child is struggling to begin with, many parents report after this step they are excited and confident about care.


STEP TWO is diving deep into the function of your child's central nervous system, using amazing technology called the INSiGHT Scans. These scans consist of 3 individual scans that find, measure, and quantify the amount of stress and tension that may be stuck in your child's autonomic nervous system.

Subluxation, dysautonomia, and vagus nerve dysfunction are the 3 main things these scans are looking for, which all mean a stessed-out and dysfunctional nervous system. You can learn more about this amazing technology here!


STEP THREE is determining the exact, customized Care Plan to fit your child's needs. Dr. Joe utilizes the PX Care Plan Builder, which brings together your child's severity and duration of challenges, genetics and lifestyle, along with the INSiGHT Scan and exam findings to ensure the right amount of care is generated and your child receives full personalized care.


STEP FOUR is time to sit down with Dr. Joe for your child's Report of Findings and going over the INSiGHT Scan, exam findings and your child's customized care plan.

During this time, no question will go unturned. Families finally have a definitive plan to get their child's health & healing back on track!


STEP FIVE is starting the care plan with your child's first Adjustment. Adjustments are safe, gentle, and begin to work on releasing tension and stress from your child's nervous system!

Many parents feel nervous about starting something new for their child, but are immediately put at ease when they see how relaxed and gentle neurologically-focused, pediatric chiropractic care is.

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