Why we love helping kids at Live Better Chiropractic

Why we love helping kids at Live Better Chiropractic

Why we love helping kids at Live Better Chiropractic

Why we love helping kids at Live Better Chiropractic

Why we love helping kids at Live Better Chiropractic

Why we love helping kids at Live Better Chiropractic


We see a lot of kids in our office because we know that chiropractic care can have a tremendous impact on their health and development. If you’re like most of our parents you’ve gone the medical route, heck probably even the natural path, but your kids just symptoms aren’t improving.

I know you’ve probably already gone down the medical route.

After spending thousands of dollars, dozens of medications for their child's health problems; after seeing every specialist possible (including geneticists), neurologists, endocrinologists- you're starting to feel defeated.


You've gone through all the options available but nothing has given your child relief from chronic pain or sleep disorders that affect nearly every aspect in life - including school work! 

Next up you likely went the natural path.

As a chiropractor, I often see parents who are struggling to help their children with health issues. They've tried everything they can think of. 


First removing all gluten, dairy, corn, red dye #40 from their families diet. 

Then throwing out all of the chemical-based cleaning products, soaps and skin care products. 


Adding what seems like 73 different supplements that cost a fortune.


Trying to “detox” their child, maybe even doing foot and chelation baths.


They’ve even got a rockstar team of OT, PT, Speech Therapy, Social Worker, maybe even an ABA team helping them.


And even then sometimes it feels like nothing is working. It's exhausting and frustrating, but I want you to know that there is hope.


What the heck is that hidden secret and missing link to your child’s health and healing potential?

As a neuro-focused pediatric chiropractor, I often get asked something similar from parents after they’ve tried all these other avenues.


The first thing I often tell them is great job! Great job continuing to search and they’re efforts are not all for nothing. I’m fact, even with trying everything else under the sun, they’re not wrong. They are likely missing one small but extremely important piece. Not only is it one piece their missing it’s putting the piece in the correct order for their child to succeed. 


So what am I talking about!?


Honestly it’s all about the nervous system, specifically the vagus nerve (AKA ‘Autonomic’), in maintaining good health. 


The vagus nerve is a key player in many important bodily functions, including digestion, immunity, and brain development. 


When the vagus nerve is functioning properly, it helps to keep the stomach, gut, and immune system healthy and strong. Additionally, it plays an important role in neuromuscular development and motor skills. 


However, when the vagus nerve is not functioning properly, it can lead to constipation, sickness, and other health problems. 


That's why we love caring for kids at Live Better, restoring proper function to the nervous system. 


So, if you’re like most parents out there and have tried just about everything to get your child healthy, then you’re in luck! We offer a unique blend of chiropractic care that has been shown to help kids with a wide variety of health concerns. And, we’re happy to help get your child started on their journey to better health!

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