4 Reason Kids Get Sick in the Fall and Winter

4 Reason Kids Get Sick in the Fall and Winter

4 Reason Kids Get Sick in the Fall and Winter

4 Reason Kids Get Sick in the Fall and Winter

4 Reason Kids Get Sick in the Fall and Winter

4 Reason Kids Get Sick in the Fall and Winter


It's that time of year again—the leaves are changing color, the weather is cooling off, and kids are getting sick. sneezes, sniffles, and coughs seem to be everywhere. So what's going on? Here are four reasons why kids tend to get sick more often in the fall and winter—and what parents can do to help. 


1. Sleep.

We all know if you’re a parent, of young kids especially, that daylight savings happens as we shift into the winter months and it can be hard on their little bodies who are still developing physically - but what usually happens? Kids get less restful nights because other things start to show up (school/social activities; sports parties etc.), meaning they have fewer hours for sleeping! This leads many children entering these times already tired out just from the changes in sleep patterns.


2. Shift of seasons.

The truth of the matter is that our central and autonomic nervous system regulates all functions associated with temperature regulation, pressure sensors in your body. This means as we go through these seasonal changes from summer to fall it can really stress out both yourself physically by stressing away at various organs within you such has immune or digestive systems which begin their busy work during this time period due-to preoccupation with adjusting for higher/ lowers levels than before; however if there's any interruptions outside sources have no problem taking charge because they need to always be ready.


3. Social and sports all interweave together for our kids.

This is a very busy time of year for our kids and it gets even more hectic with all the projects they have. There are tests, exams, grades...the list goes on! And then there's holiday parties that pop up too-not to mention any other events in between where their social life seems to take preference over sports or extracurricular activities (like clubs). 


4. Straight-up sugar.

You may not know how much I despise Halloween. Yes. I said it. Pediatric chiropractor guy, who loves to have fun in life and has four beautiful kids…I can’t stand Halloween. Now I am not an over-the-top parent who never allows my kids to have sugar. We go trick-or-treating, but let’s not kid ourselves, there is a reason for the cold and flu season, and it’s because of all the things mentioned above. 

And we all know that the holidays can be a stressful time of year for many people. The constant changes in diet, shift from Halloween to Thanksgiving and then Christmas creates an environment where our bodies are constantly stressed out about what's going on around them! 

This affects everything: Your adrenal glands give up production of cortisol (a hormone responsible with regulating anxiety), immune system becomes compromised due too low glucose levels which leads us towards feeling sicker than usual - not just physically but also mentally/emotionally because you don't have those fuel sources anymore digest.


So What Are The Next Steps To Help?

We've got a phenomenal type of technology out there in healthcare and you'll find it at your local neurologically focused pediatric & family chiropractor office because our specialty is measuring, finding and improving stress on nervous systems. Right now is an opportunity for parents who know their kids well enough (and have them take this 15 minute scan) that will allow us to provide personalized care plans created just like they need! Let's schedule a call with our team at the link below.


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